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Sweet Thai Chilli Chicken

By February 11, 2022No Comments

Life Thai Chilli Sauce is made from choice chillies, sugar, vinegar and salt that are blended together to create a condiment that is very ideal for dipping or cooking. The first dish that comes to mind for a sweet and spicy meal is Sweet Thai Chilli Chicken, a common menu in Asian takeout restaurants. With Life’s variety of chilli sauces, you can now easily cook a similar dish for yourself, fresher and healthier than the restaurant version.

The recipe is so easy. Take some chicken, battered and deep-fried, then toss into a wok or skillet with some garlic, Life Thai Chilli sauce, lime juice, and garnish with some sesame seeds or cilantro. Another advantage of using our sauces is that the chilli flavour is not too overpowering, so even children are able to enjoy it.

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