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Tomato Ketchup Prawn

By February 9, 2022No Comments

Life Tomato Ketchup is made from selected tomatoes that are processed carefully to product a high quality sauce for consumers. It is suitable for all woks of life, as proven by its diverse usage in local food stalls, international restaurant chains, as well as your families’ homes.

The key to a well-made sweet and sour dish is the balance of its different flavors. The sweet and sour taste that is usually created by vinegar and sugar, can be replaced easily with Life Tomato Ketchup. Without going through the fuss of making a sauce, you may simply start by cleaning and deshelling the prawns. Heat some oil in the pan before tossing in the prawns and vegetables to fry. Add a bit of Life Tomato Ketchup, light soya sauce and seasoning afterwards; the dish is now good to go.

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